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BCSIR Laboratories, Dhaka Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
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Last updated: 11th November 2019

Chemical Research Division


Chemical Research Division conducts R & D works in the different field of Natural and Synthetic chemistry. It consists of eight different research sections: Chemical from Indigenous Sources section, Fine organic chemicals section, Gum and adhesive section, Analytical carbohydrate section, Applied carbohydrate section, Essential oil soap and detergent section, Chemical industrial waste and Industrial inorganic chemical section, and Industrial chemical research section. The main objectives of this division are to explore the natural resources of the country. Production of chemicals, both organic & inorganic, herbs processing’s & herbal products, waste management from chemical and other industries as well as development of process for products from industrial wastes, production of different kinds of gum and adhesives from local raw materials. To isolate essential oils from different indigenous plant sources and development of different type of cosmetic.


Research Facilities at CRD

  • R&D works
  • Fellowship
  • Thesis Guidelines (MSc., M.Phil., Ph.D)
  • Analytical Services

CRD Achievement

  • Publication: Almost 2000



  • Accepted : 68
  • Leased out : 26
  • Leasee in Market : 14

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